The (instant) Needlepoint Clutch

I absolutely love the look of needlepoint, the older the better! I’d been on the lookout for a vintage needlepoint bag for months but my usual thrifting Kismet seemed to have escaped me…luckily I discovered a gorgeous bit of Great Tante Uschi’s trash at the bottom of my stash & created this exquisite oversized clutch without spending a penny!

Here’s how to make your own in a flash:

Snag a vintage needlepoint table runner (mine measured 1m x 40cm)

if necessary, mend any bits that might not have aged so well

lay it face down on a flat surface

fold one end about 3/4 up to the other, decide how long you’d like the top flap to be & mark

open up the table runner then fold the long end halfway up to the top flap mark

equally fold the remaining length under the first fold – you should now have a doubled-up end & a top flap

pin the sides together & zip over to your machine

stitch the sides together

find a lovely coordinating button in your stash

bust out the button-hole foot & put it to work on the top flap

carefully slice through the fabric between the button-hole stitches

stitch on your button

and your done!

& because the table runner was doubled up, the clutch has 2 awesome compartments inside!

fancy schmancy, eh?

love it!

all the tutes!


6 thoughts on “The (instant) Needlepoint Clutch

  1. My darling, I make this immediately!!! Wonderful idea and tut for a last minute mother-in-law Christmas gift!!! Thank you very much :-))

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