Grandma’s Chocococonutty (no-bake) Macaroons

a lil’ disclaimer before we start: this is a recipe for macaroons not macarons

Some of the best memories I have of my Grandma involve these super fast, super fun to make, no-bake mounds of deliciousness!

Now that I have a munchkin of my own I’ve discovered why Grandma made these whenever her legion of grandkids descended on the kitchen…they’re absolutely fabulous to keep little helping hands busy & out of trouble! Let’s get started:

You’ll need: 2 cups white sugar, 1/2 cup butter, 1 cup coconut, 1/2 cup milk, 3 cups oatmeal & 6 tsp cocoa

quick tip: before you begin prepare an area to drop your hot macaroons once everything is mixed together. A length of baking/wax paper on the counter & 2 tablespoons will do the trick.

in a large pot, melt together the butter & cocoa – have your little helper stir constantly to smooth out any lumps

add the milk & sugar – continue stirring

bring to a low boil over medium heat (keep those helping hands stirring)

add coconut & oatmeal, mix well & remove from heat

drop by the spoonful onto the baking/wax paper & allow to cool

another lil’ tip: if your macaroons are a bit crumbly simply wet your fingers & gently squeeze them back into shape while they’re still warm


serve with a spot of tea & enjoy the chewy chocococonutty goodness!


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