Wrapped in style…

What do you do with a groovy wrap top that you just know you’ll never properly fit into again?

Make an absolutely fabulous 70’s inspired outfit for the munchkin, of course!

onto the headsmackingly easy how-to:

snag your gorgeous but toodamnsnug wrap top

chop off the wrap-ties, turn it inside out & lay it on a flat surface. Fold the sides over each other, guesstimate the size of neckline your kidlet requires & pin in place.

pop over to your machine & sew straight down the front from the neckline pins

chop off the excess fabric from your still-inside-out-almost-dress…

turn right-side-out & chop off the excess from that side as well

if desired, zigzag over the outside seam for extra strength

& your hip new tot dress is done!

grab the chopped triangular scraps

place one on top of the other right sides facing

zip over to your machine & stitch the sides together

flip right-side-out, tie a knot in the end & your kiddo has an insanely stylish new hat!

how’s that for a boho-baby?


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