The Rug Rat Backpack

What does every munchkin need to tote around their Christmas goodies?

A fancy schmancy personalized backpack of course!

Create one for the tot on your list with bits you’re guaranteed to already have in your stash:

Grab a jeans pant leg for the exterior, a length of fabric for the interior & your choice of closure (velcro is easiest for the little ones to use)

chop up your material into the following measurements: 25cm x 60cm (denim & interior fabric) + two 10cm x 50cm strips of jean-scrap (for the straps) & whatever embellishment you desire – as my backpack is for a groovy little boy I thought a simple embellishment was best & chopped his initial from the excess interior fabric

place the fabrics together right sides facing

stitch ’em together, be sure to leave an end open for turning

turn right side out, tuck in the raw end & top stitch all the way around

…and the body of your backpack is done! Lay it flat, inside facing up

fold the bottom end just over halfway up towards the top end

fold the top down and now you have the basic shape of the backpack

arrange & pin on the velcro closure

stitch it down

with the velcro holding the backpack together, arrange & pin your embellishment to the flap

sew it on (I zigzagged around the initial 3x using a wider zigzag each time giving it a super thick outline & ensuring zero possibility of future fraying)

lovely! Onto the straps…

heat up the hausfrau torture device & grab a strap. Fold one side into the center & press

fold the other side into the center & press (tucking the raw edge under will prevent fraying)

repeat with the other strap and…

zip over to your machine & straight stitch together

as always, I sew a quick zigzag over the seam for extra strength

with the back facing up, pin one end of your straps in the center, just above the halfway point

repeat with the other end

stitch ’em on

grab a small scrap, cut it to size & sew it over the raw ends for a clean look


flip the backpack over & pin the sides together

stitch ’em up and yer (finally) done!

pop it on your lil’ model & check the awesome fit!

fill it up with Christmas goodies & treats and send it on its way!


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