My Beautiul-Book-Baby Giftaway!

With the Christmas spirit dancing freely about the house (to the awesome Blind Melon) & the 25th fast approaching, I think it’s just about the perfect time to gift away a copy of my beautiful book-baby!

For a chance to win your very own signed-by-moi copy of Confessions of a Refashionista: Life on the ZigZag (+ totally-unique-get-you-started-refashioning-item) simply let me know why you want – or desperately need – a copy of my lovely collection of refashionista goodness in the comments below…

contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world

*winner will be announced on Thursday, December 13/2012

and the winner, according to, is:

Congrats Lacy!

Didn’t win? Fear not! You can still get your own copy lickety-split right here!


30 thoughts on “My Beautiul-Book-Baby Giftaway!

  1. I want and need your book because you are an inspiration to me 🙂 Writing a sewing book, amongst others, is a dream of mine, so seeing you self-publish yourself and gain your notoriety on your own is effin amazing. You Go Gurl!

  2. I need your book because I have a gazillion very-plain shirts and pants and am sick of them. But my budget is also low and I would love to transform some of my clothing into something more fashionable and flattering.

  3. I totally need your book because my refashionista daughter is on home on break for 6 long weeks and is either trashing my kitchen or running the sewing machine. She has already refashioned a mens shirt into a cute blouse, transformed a thrift shop t, made garlands for all her friends, sewn up all her dads holy pants and desperately needs some new ideas. If I could gift (regift) her this she would think I was the best mom!

  4. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I love the idea of refashioning clothes. We live on a limited budget and it will help me to cloth my children and to make gifts for my other family members

  5. I am totally into refashioning and must get this book! I am always looking for new and innovative ways to repurpose old clothing.

  6. i love your book and desperately need it. what little i seen of it had a couple of things i have been wanting to learn to do. like the scarf, i was given a beautiful, expensive scarf that i want to make the sleeves on it and i have been hesitant to try it, with your book i could do it and not worry. thanks for this chance.

  7. I really need your book because the “Projects require only basic sewing skills and are forgiving of mistakes” ….thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!.

  8. Desperate for a copy of your book? Absolutely! Do you know how many times I will walk into my local and very cool thrift store and see something that’s terrific but then I find there’s a spot or it doesn’t fit quite right? Something tells me with your book I could go back and just pull these thing off hangers and go home and create a new wardrobe for pennies!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. I love refashioning! It makes me feel so Laura Ingalls Wilder meets haute couture. Plus it is just fun! Your book looks wonderful! thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I would love to have a copy of your book to assist me with the huge pile of to be re-fashioned clothes in my bedroom..I have started to save everything that no longer fits to make into something unique for my one and only daughter.. and so has my sis, who only has three boys.. as you can imagine, the pile is quite tall.

  11. I could really use this book- I have a stash that’s shamefully large (we’re talking about 10 large Rubbermaid bins, including 3 full of kimono silks rescued by my amazing brother!), a closet FULL of outdated clothing, plus a husband who sighs in resignation as I collect yet more crafty stuff. Help me, please! Just beginning to refashion, and I could use the pointers! Happy holidays, BTW!

  12. I totally want (perhaps “desperately need”) this book because I finally have a functioning sewing machine and know how to thread it, lol! My two girls and I love crafting together and recycling old clothing. They never seem to stop growing and not all the hand-me-downs we get are awesomesauce. I want to make them so.

  13. Why I desperately need this book: I have three young grandchildren (7, 5, & almost 3), 2 girls & 1 boy, which I will need to help clothe as they grow. I would prefer to do this without having to take out a small loan…& your book will help me to do so!

  14. I am determined not to buy anything, (well, maybe undies) for the enitire 2013 except thrift shopping and I really need a push and some good ideas to keep me going so there is no slacking!

  15. Oooh, I really need your book because I have so many materials saved and I need to show my husband that they can really be used in a crafty way.

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