The Delightful Doily: part two

The second leg of our doily journey takes us into (mini) table runner land…a place of rectangular shaped crocheted pretties that are superb for quick embellishments:

Hop on in & let’s begin!

Grab a long, rectangular doily a.k.a: a mini table runner (mine is the remaining salvageable half of what happens when a vintage doily meets a German Christmas Pyramid)

and a rather awful never-worn top pulled from the back of your closet

trim your table runner into shape and, beginning at the sleeve seam, pin straight across the chest of your shirt

if you’re a stickler for straightness measure from each shoulder seam to the top of the doily & make sure the numbers match up – if not, just eyeball it like I do…

head over to your machine & sew it all together (I use a small zigzag stitch & sew all the way around the edge of the doily twice as well as once across the middle for extra strength)

an awesome (& quick) result!

…don’t forget to visit parts one & three of my delightful doily mini-series!

all the tutes!


6 thoughts on “The Delightful Doily: part two

  1. This is really a cute idea…and I always have lots of lace on hand….can’t help myself…I see lace…I buy it…Oh, well, at least you have given me some great ideas on how to use that lace. Thanks

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