Ra Ra Ra…Siss Boom Ba!

2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – someone thinks I’m really great!

Way back in May, Stacy of the Recreations Project honoured me with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Since then I’ve been helping in any way that I can to see that this little organization remains afloat. To date I have designed their logo(s) & shop banner, provided them with personalized t-shirts & tote bags, a blog button, donation possibilities through my Mensch T’s & Sew Much Fun & printed Re-Creations Project gear sales and have even managed to get them featured on some groovy crafty sites…the point of all of this horn-tooting? Guess what I got in the post yesterday:

As a thank-you for all of my keen efforts I received a ginormous surprise box filled with Re-Creations Creations! Check out what was inside:

my very own box of the UK’s finest Quality Street chocolate (the wrappers to be used to create this bit of awesomeness)

a funky upcycled 2 pence-bottle top key ring (which my husband promptly skulked away with)

a freaking stunning personalized Awesome Sauce Lantern

an absolutely gorgeous upcycled fabric scrap flower wreath (which was immediately hung on the munchkin’s door)

seriously amazing workmanship! Get your own here!

and last but in no way least…a pair of completely ingenious upcycled…

“Canadian expat cheerleader in Germany” Pom Poms!

*created from pretty fabric & lace scraps with mini candle holder beaded handles – really bloody clever!

the kidlet was also tickled impressed by the awesomeness of our newest accessory!

A massive Canadian bear squeeze & double German küss to Stacy & the Re-Creations group for the wonderful package bursting with super surprises!

Help support this fantastic group (& keep it going):

Shopping at Stacy’s Re-Creations

Donating directly to The Re-Creations Project

Getting in touch with Stacy to see what you can do to help


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