Fabulous Footwear…

Our munchkin is now letting us know exactly what she likes (through lovely kisses & hugs) & unequivocally does not like (through screeches & fiendish tantrums). Her latest beastly outburst? Apparently the cozy new rain boots daddy chose were just not acceptable…fortunately mommy came up with a wily solution that revamped them into a funky favourite:

Here’s the simple transformation trick:

grab those functional yet plain boots (I had already jazzed ’em up a bit with fancy red ribbon laces)

bust out the acrylics and paint away…

snag the waterproof spray varnish, tape up every area you don’t want sprayed & blast ’em with 2 – 3 coats of shiny, protective goodness

let dry completely overnight, remove the tape & present them as fancy schmancy brand new boots!

as the boot experiment was a rousing success I thought I’d give it go with a pair of thrifted leather loafers – a fab’ find as they were brand new, with tags for only €1! Brilliant!

as I’d painted her boots I figured it was only fair to let the kidlet do mine… *I filled the shoes with newspaper & taped up all of the areas I didn’t want splattered with colour prior to letting the artiste loose

after filling in the missed bits + 3 coats of protective varnish + 2 days to let everything get properly dried & set  I now have a pair of the awesomest loafers in the galaxy!

all the tutes!

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8 thoughts on “Fabulous Footwear…

    • Absolutely give it a go Stephanie…and let your kiddo do a pair of yours – too fun! Quick tip: let the paint/varnish dry & set for at least 2 days before wearing – it really helped to prevent the paint from cracking on ours

    • AAARGH! I am enviously green! I’ve been scouring charity shops & ebay for a pair of DM’s (or similar) to fancy-up but have had zero deal-snagging-luck, at least in my little feetsie size, I did find a pair that would’ve fit the hubs but unfortunately he’s never been Doc Martens fan…WHAT?! I know…opposites do attract, I suppose =O)

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