(neck) tie up loose ends…

I’m a vintage necktie hoarder…but not just the ties…I’ve also amassed quite a collection of necktie ends from my compulsive wristlet making. One of my groovy gifts from Santa got the ol’ wheels a turnin’ and I figured out yet another use for those leftover bits of retro excellence:

Funkadelic smartphone cases! A super quick scrap-busting project…shall we begin?

Snag a necktie end & make sure it’s long enough to wrap around your phone with the end point folded down like an envelope

open up the necktie end & remove the lining

press flat & fold the raw edges in a wee bit

head over to your machine & stitch the folded raw edges down

*if you’re using a velcro closure as I did, now is the time to stitch one side to the inside of the point-flap & the other to the outside of the almost finished case. (Snap or button closures can easily be added after the sides are sewn together)

lay the fabric right-side-down & place your phone on top of it

fold the end of the case up over your phone to get the correct position, slip the phone out and…

…stitch the sides together

too easy!

go make another one for your hubby’s new phone!

for more nifty necktie leftover uses take a peek at some Necktie Nonsense

all the tutes!


4 thoughts on “(neck) tie up loose ends…

    • Thanks Agy! quick tip: I’ve found that the more “1970’s polyester” the tie the better. Polyester from the 70’s is a lot sturdier & ‘shape retaining’ than the thinner modern versions which makes the end result super durable =O)

    • it’s a super quick project (if you’re not having to take tutorial photos =O) and a fab jumping off point for even more inspired necktie projects…I now have a few more tie-scrap-busting ideas wandering about my brain ;O)

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