a quirky cowl…

What’s quickest way to liven up a tired turtle neck?

Give it cute collar!

Transform your own in under an hour:

Grab that dull turtle neck…

and a length of fabric (mine measured 80 x 20cm)

*if you already have the original print version of my book, you’ll recognize the fabric as the remains of the vintage table cloth used to create my ‘Swingin’ Sixities Shift’ (& if you’ve yet to order my book…what the heck are ya waitin’ for?)

turn your turtle neck inside out & chop off the neck (stash it away for another project)

grab your fabric length & stitch the ends together to form a tube

pop the fabric tube into the chopped neckline of the turtle neck wrong side of the tube to right side of the shirt

stitch the raw edges together

flip the shirt right side out…

quick tip: if the raw edge of your new neckline could possibly fray simply fold it over a bit & press flat before the next step.

fold the new neckline down over itself overlapping the inside collar seam

stitch it down using a small zigzag (I always overstitch my seams with a slightly larger zigzag for extra strength)

top stitch around the edge of your new collar to keep it sturdy & you’re done!

Wear the quirky cowl lazy & loose…

or fold it down for a crisp collar…

much better than a plain old turtle neck, don’tcha think?

all the tutes!


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