Tante Uschi’s Schatzkiste

I’ve written so many posts about the fantastic items we inherit (& cleverly re-imagine) from Great Auntie Uschi that I thought it was time to introduce the fabulous woman herself:

Wasn’t she a stunner?

…Tante Uschi’s was not only incredibly stylish but also extremely kind hearted & generous. She delighted in seeing all of the offbeat creations we came up with from what she called her “alter Krimskrams” (old rubbish), our favourite heirloom to be passed down?

This glorious hand carved African Schatzkiste (treasure chest)…phenomenal!  …and the best part? It was full of “alter Krimskrams”!

Wanna see some treasure?

 The gorgeous (& insanely heavy) treasure chest now has a new life as our munchkin’s hope chest and we’re sure it will remain a family heirloom for generations to come. Here’s a wee sample of what was inside:

The chest was absolutely bursting with handcrafted linens from the 1940’s, 50’s & 60’s…

belts & accessories from the 60’s & 70’s…

how funkadelic is that bit of awesomeness to wear with a t-shirt?

simply sumptuous bags from the 40’s & 50’s…

and…absolutely exquisite vintage dresses! – some needed little or no improvement…check out what I did with the orange dress here

whilst others merely needed a bit of shortening up…

and a few that required some major love & attention…

–  all the torn & hang-y bits chopped & the rest reassembled into a super fun frock!

I was terrified to even attempt the reconstruction of this hand-beaded 1940’s evening dress but it was just too sensational not to…

the result is amazing! – now I just need to lose the last of that (stubborn) baby weight!

UPDATE: stubborn baby weight has been lost & the dress can be seen fitting properly in all its glory here

…I have yet to decide what to do with this huge but lovely ensemble…any ideas?

…the tag is groovilious!

Vielen Lieben Dank Tante Uschi…

Du bist unser Schatz! (you are our treasure!)

all the tutes!

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12 thoughts on “Tante Uschi’s Schatzkiste

  1. Wow, hast Du tolle schätze hast gekriegt von deine Tante! Das ist das schönste wann Mann genau sehen kann wie diese kunst von eine generation an die nächste übergeben wird.

  2. What nice Auntie to give you such wonderful treasures. The chest itself is stunning and makes an awesome hope chest. The goodies inside also priceless – what cool stuff!

    The beaded 40’s evening dress if fab.

    I think the big yellow embroidered ensemble at the bottom would look great taken in , shortened and the sleeves remove…would have modern twist with a late 60’s early/70’s vibe.

    • Brilliant idea Kathryn! Like a Twiggy-style shift, right? Fantastic!

      The chest is amazing! Completely hand carved with brass inlays…we are incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful ‘Tante’…and she just loves what I create with what she sees as trash!

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