the embroidered…lampshade?

I’ve already bamboo’d a lamp and doodled on a couple more so the next oh-so-logical step in my beacon beautifying quest just had to be stitched…

Simple yet perky…amiright? Here’s how to make your own in minutes:

Grab an old lampshade, a pencil & embroidery thread + a needle (I highly recommend using a lampshade that is not fabric wrapped plastic – a giant pain in the arsch (& fingers) to poke the needle through!)

Lightly sketch your design on the lampshade with the pencil…

stitch away…

et voila…erm…a rustically embroidered lampshade…that looks like it was stitched by a caveman

all the tutes!


6 thoughts on “the embroidered…lampshade?

  1. so cool! this is my favorite of the three lampshades. the simplicity and cavemanness make it all the cooler!

    btw, you are once more mentioned on my blog today! you inspire me in more ways than you know! 🙂

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