A Skirty Tunic

My hubby’s Great Aunt Uschi was a wee bit of a fashionista and had a fondness for glittery glam + could apparently boogie like a star in her sparkly finery! I snagged one of her dazzling disco dancing beauties from the 70’s & transformed into this slice of awesomeness:

Here’s how to take your own piece of lurex history & make one for yourself:

Grab a shimmery, glittery below-the-knee skirt from the 70’s

turn it inside-out & remove the lining & tags

lay the skirt flat, snag a loose-fitting t-shirt & place on top with the neck in line(-ish) with the waist of the skirt & the sleeves at the side seams of the skirt

make a small cut through the side seam of the skirt at the underarm of the sleeve then remove the top shirt & chop in a further 10cm to create a fancy new arm hole, repeat on the other side of the skirt (at this point I highly recommend trying on the almost-a-tunic just in case you require wider arm holes)

pop over to your machine & hem up the raw edges

lay the tunic flat once again & pin to shrink the huge, flopping arm holes then stitch down at an angle from your pins towards the existing side seam. Try it on & if all is well trim off the excess fabric and zigzag the edges to prevent fraying

add a belt if desired, throw on your dancin’ shoes & head out!

Need more sparkly inspiration? Check out a lil’ vintage glitz!

all the tutes!


4 thoughts on “A Skirty Tunic

  1. I love this idea! Will have to search for a sparkly stretchy skirt the next time I go to the thrift store. Thanks for sharing this with us:)

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