make a (silly) statement…

A quick trip to the discount store + a few odds n’ ends from around the house =

this fabulous bit of frippery!

Here’s how to assemble your own (or make one for your valentine) in minutes:

Get your hands on some little plastic creatures, a gaudy old necklace, pliers, wire & a mini-drill (or dremel)

deconstruct the necklace & add the tackiest bits to your stash…

re-construct the best bits of the necklace & choose your plastic victims…

drill a small hole straight through your pendant-sacrifice(s)…

slip a jump ring (or bit of wire) through the hole(s)…

attach to your new necklace & delight in your kooky new accessory!

Zebra-Tiger-Anteater Awesomeness

If you don’t want to skewer your animals, simply wrap ’em with wire…

loop it around your necklace and trim off the poky ends…

et voila! An ultra fast giggle inducing trinket that can easily revert to its former self with a quick (un)twist of the wire.

…but this one is my favourite!

all the tutes!


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