…the webisodes

Did ya spy the fancy new button at the top of my sidebar?

That’s right my lovelies…I am now the proud producer of my very own series of diy refashionista webisodes!

In addition to my regular crafty blog posts I’ll be sharing my adventures in upcycling with step-by-step video tutorials featuring everything from clothing & accessory refashions to thriftilicious home decor…

Enjoy ’em and I’ll catch ya on the zigzag!

waddaya think?

Pop over to my channel & subscribe with a simple click of  the button!


3 thoughts on “…the webisodes

  1. *LOVE LOVE LOVE*!! your videos look so great! I’m glad that you shared the scarfigan, because it’s something i fell in love with at first sight and I’ve been trying to decide which of my scarves to do it with! I was also super happy to see something I recognize on your sweet little wrist! 😉 I’m going to share all this goodness right now with all of my folks! Awesome work, Sheri! (do you think i used enough exclamation points?!) 🙂

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