bistro to boho – the DIY lace top

How gorgeous did this turn out?!

Can ya figure out what that beauteous boho creation once was?

Make your own in about an hour with a lil’ something pinched from a 1950’s cafe…

Grab a lovely lacy vintage bistro curtain that comfortably wraps around your body with some to spare (charity shops are bursting with ’em!)

starting at one end, wrap it loosely around your chest & fold right sides together

chop off the excess fabric & set it aside for now

hop over to your machine & stitch the raw edges of your ‘body-piece’ together to form a tube

lay your tube on a flat surface wrong side out with the seam centered at the back

snag a comfy, loose t-shirt & center it at the top of the fabric tube & mark the sides of the neckline with a couple of pins…

stitch in from each side of your fabric tube towards each pin to create the shoulders & neckline of your new top

tuck the sleeves of the t-shirt inside & once again center it on top of the fabric tube then, using the t-shirt as a guide, chop out  an armhole on one side of the fabric tube

fold your almost-done top in half & chop out the other armhole following the edge of the first

grab the remaining fabric you originally set aside & slice it in half to create your sleeves (depending on the size of your bistro curtain you may have to get creative with your cutting or simply make a sleeveless top)

sew each piece into a tube

and you have some fancy sleeves to add to your top

pop ’em into the armholes, right sides facing & stitch together

as my sleeves were creatively cut I stitched the last remaining curtain lace bits to each sleeve hem to create an illusion of symmetry – the hemline of one sleeve was the top of the curtain & the other was the bottom so they looked completely different

slip into your glorious new top, pop on your bell bottoms & get to know your inner-hippie

all the tutes!

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