Remember that sensational sequin top that needed a wee bit o’ love? …take a gander at what I created with the broken zipper:

Grab a busted zip & let’s get makin’!

carefully take the zipper apart

snag a necklace from your stash

deconstruct & reconstruct it into something you’d actually wear, leaving the middle open

ruffle/gather one of the zipper sides into a flower-ish shape, stitch together & add a bead to the center

sew the open ends of the necklace to the back of your zipper-flower…

…and your purty new neck-bling is complete!

find an old earring back, grab some extra strength glue & stick on the zipper pull…

et voila! A completely adorable new earring!

Snag the remaining half of the zipper & create another fancy necklace…or bracelet…or hair clip…or brooch…endless possibilities!

all the tutes!


5 thoughts on “Zipperdeedooda…

  1. What a awesome way to get rid of old stuff from broken jewellery.
    Make your own and original jewellery that no one has!
    I can use this for my workshops with the children as well. Thanx

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