Waterfall Schmaterfall: part two

The second entry in my waterfall neckline busting mini-series is even easier than the first:

Splendidly awesome, no? Snap up your scissors & make your own in a flash…

grab that absurd waterfall necklined top…

lay flat & chop straight up the center of the front…

(you could even just leave it at that & enjoy your casual new cardi!)

zigzag the raw edge, stretching as you stitch for a lurvly wavy lettuce hem result…

snag a couple of lace scraps & cut ’em into equal-ish squares…

stitch ’em onto either side of your chopped top…

and slip into your splendidly comfy drapey-fronted, fancy-pocketed new cardigan!

Head over to parts one & three for more fab ideas!


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