le petit parti parfait…

Unfortunately our poorly little cherub just couldn’t shake that frustrating, sniffley, scratchy throat end-of-winter cold before her birthday so our boisterous petting zoo soiree had to be put on hold…fortunately I was able to whip up le petit parti parfait (the perfect little party) for the munchkin & those 2 remaining guests who braved the oogy cold germs to join in the mini-celebration:

…and the Pièce de résistance?

a scrumptious Shaun the Sheep cake!

Here’s how to create your own:

Righty ho…the first step is to click the Shaun the Sheep characters above to enlarge & either print immediately by clicking file then print on your browser toolbar or right-click the enlarged image to save it to your computer…easy!

…then repeat with Shaun(s) above

snag some party hats, packing tape, scissors, straws & the character prints

for the cake decorations roughly cut out the basic shape of each character & cover with a layer of packing tape (= a cheap yet effective ‘fake’ lamination that protects the print from the icing on the cake) 

once all of the cake characters have been ‘fakinated’, cut ’em out neatly & tape ’em onto some snipped straws.*I printed my cake-toppers on magnetic paper so once they had done their decorating duty they transformed into…

fabulously fun-to-play-with fridge magnets!

Fakinate some characters onto party hats, stick some more on a bday banner & balloons and then get baking…

I made Grandma’s Simply Delicious Carrot Cake & added some food colouring to the delectable cream cheese icing *I found that a mixture of 2 parts blue & 3 – 4 parts yellow created a much more authentic Shaun the Sheep green field colour than the actual green that came in the package.

Once your cake has cooled smear it with the lovely green icing, arrange the characters, add a sesame pretzel stick pig sty for the naughty pigs + a few well placed flowers for grazing…& don’t forget the sheep poop!

et voila! A (somewhat) instant Shaun the Sheep party to help a little birthday girlie forget her sniffles!


7 thoughts on “le petit parti parfait…

  1. A belated Happy Birthday to the little munchkin! I hope she’s doing all better now. Looks like a great party was had by all, despite a few leftover sniffles.

  2. ooh! i forgot about her birthday! happy b-day, little miss! my kids and their cousin go nuts for shaun the sheep. they’d LOVE that cake! and what is magnetic paper? you can print directly on it?! awesome!!

  3. Hi Sheri! I hope the birthday girl is better now?! A kiss on her tiny nose from “Zia” Anna! Hey, these decorations for the cake are very funny! And naturally I will copy the recipe …. 🙂

  4. Oh poor thing. Hope she is feeling better. We’re currently down too – not a good feeling. That lovely party you threw her looks awesome. Love your idea with the cake toppers – minimal waste there.

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