Sock it to your hair…

I’ve gotten so many compliments on the groovy ‘do I’m sporting in my Sassy Sofa Sitter webisode I thought I’d share the insanely easy little styling trick:

Here’s how it’s done…

(once again courtesy of the magnificent How-to Hair Girl)

1. grab a pair of socks similar to your hair colour  2. slice the toes off of the socks  3. place one sock inside of the other & roll together (doubled-up socks = a fuller sock bun)   4. your sock donut is complete!

The Beautiously Brilliant Roxie (a.k.a: The How-to Hair Girl)

As I have choppy layers in my hair not all of the ends would tuck neatly under the bun so I simply twisted ’em up, wrapped ’em around & pinned ’em in place…

ooooh….fancy schmancy!

…the perfect lickety split style to save those less-than-stellar hair days!

bonus idea: grab 2 sock donuts & create some quirkily casual Princess Leia buns…hilarity will ensue!


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