terrific tights

Do your lovely legs need some livening up?

…here’s 2 simple methods to adorn your gorgeous gams with adorkably sweet polka dots:

For a bold statement grab some acrylic paint & a couple of q-tips

…slip on a pair of coloured tights, dip a q-tip into the paint & dot all over yer legs, bop about the house for a few minutes until dry then slowly peel ’em off & hop into the shower to de-polka dot your  legs…super easy! *quick tip: gently hand wash the tights to keep the dots from fading

(the second method is a bit more labor intensive but results in zero paint on yer legs) Snag some cheap tights, a couple of 2 litre plastic bottles & a bottle o’ nail polish

…it’s best to do a colour test on the waistband of the tights before making a final decision on polish colour – especially if you’re using nude tights: polka dots of red, purple & pink polish will end up looking like a rather horrific skin condition when the tights are worn, ew.

Once you’ve chosen your dot colour slip a bottle into each leg of the tights

…and then get dotting – oooo silvery glitter!

…allow to dry

…then pull the bottles up through the tights, gently unsticking as you go, and repeat the process on the top half

I also added a few dots of silver paint pen just for fun

et voila…erm…they don’t look so great off…

but once you slip ’em on you have a lovely pair of subtle glittery polka dotted tights!


and delightfully daring!

*if you’re loving my groovy hot pink polka dotted Mary Janes check out how to create a pair for yourself in my Perfect Polka Dot Shoes webisode


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