The Belle (Monde) of the Ball..

Ya know what’s even more awesome than a fantastic swap? The groovilicious (international) friendship that grows out of it!

Once again I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to trade some of my quirky creations for a load of completely freaking fabulous handmade gear…and just who was my spectacular swap-buddy this time?

The beautiously brilliant Bekka of Belle Monde Handmade. This hilarious chick is an absolute crochet queen…& as I am completely crochet challenged (but love all things crochet!) I am all a’tingle with the contents of my package:

…seriously…beautiful! – & fab’ with just about any outfit…but the best part of this glorious boho poncho?

…it swings n’ swirls magnificently!

I’m also now the owner of the most excellent pair of earrings on the planet…I’ve always had an owie-ear-lobe-tugging problem with big earrings but these are so amazingly light I honestly forget I’m wearing them + they’re stunning & the hubs digs ’em too…I’m thinkin’ I need to order a few pairs in every colour!

…and she made an adorable hat for my munchkin, embellished with 2 huge flowers & a lovely vintage button (it’s still a tad big so I suppose I’ll just have to wear it until she grows into it…wheee!)

Do ya see that sumptuous painting up there? It’s a Mandala created by Bekka and sent on to yours truly

…to take pride of place in our cozy kitchen on our ‘family art’ wall.

My new mate Bekka sent a bunch o’ little extra bits too:


Vielen Lieben Dank meine Liebe! Du bist super toll!

Check out Bekka’s groovy blog, pick up a gorgeously crocheted bargain in her online shop and while yer at it, pay a visit to her always full of neat stuff facebook page and give her some like-y love!

…and here’s a taste of her side of our funky swap…

wanna swap with me? click here to get the ball rolling…


2 thoughts on “The Belle (Monde) of the Ball..

  1. Sheri, I am so glad you liked your swap stuff! Btw, that little heart with a bead is a bookmark.. enjoy! The poncho looks great on you too. In my rush, I didn’t take a picture before I sent it to you so it’s nice to see it on.

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