Life on the Zig Zag…

To celebrate my fancy new theme song, multiplied youtube channel subscribers and the bountiful ‘like-y love’ I’ve received on my new facebook page I’m offering the final copies from the first print run of my little book baby for a mere €16 within Germany & €19 Internationall!  *includes registered shipping

…and just what is included in that fabulous price?

1. My completely self-produced full-colour book containing over 50 detailed refashion tutorials & featuring an über convenient Wire-O binding

2. A totally unique chosen-just-for-you-to-get-started-refashioning item that can be used to create at least 2 of the tutes in the book

3. A personalized message handwritten & signed by the author added to your copy =O)

4. A fantastic €1.00 donation from every book sold to Designers Against Aids

5. Purty wrapping & packaging by moi

6. Insured, registered worldwide shipping

 …a brilliant steal of a deal! Simply click here to purchase and I’ll have your fancy schmancy book signed, packaged up with a groovy get-you-started-refashioning item and sent on its way a.s.a.p!

Still unsure? Check my book-baby reviews

Already have a copy of my beauteous book?

Let everyone know what you think of it in the comments below…


4 thoughts on “Life on the Zig Zag…

  1. I love it! We have become inseparable! More than a book, a real full course of practical sewing: lots of tips and ideas to sew quickly and well even if you are a beginner, and when the package arrives at home it’s a party! :-))

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