the perfect portable pad…

Hi! I’m Molly…welcome to my fabulous new home!

…step inside, take a tour & find out how to create your own groovy take-anywhere-apartment from items you already have!

Grab a complimentary cup/plate carrier + a catalogue from Ikea, magazines, glue & an exacto knife

…slice out the doors & windows for your groovy apartment (*you could also leave this step for last & avoid the extreme annoyance of having to re-cut the openings for every bit of decorative paper pasted over ’em…)

…decoupage the outside with some purty wrapping paper, paint the roof, fake-oupage the doors & add some upcycled doorknobs

…get comfy with your kiddo & flip through your mags & catalogues & chop out the decor for the adorable abode

…painstakingly stick it all together (an exasperating activity that’s made completely worthwhile when your little one bounces by, gives you a double thumbs-up & says “wow! wow! bootifu mommy!”)

…hunt about for some tiny plastic bits, grab some fabric scraps, nail polish to paint ’em  & create the furnishings…

…stick ’em down

…add some scrappy curtains

…nearly done…whew

…decorate the outside of your delightful domicile & give it the whole shebang a coat (or 2) of glue

…once completely dry, present it to your dolly (& enjoy the squeals of excitement from yer munchkin!)

…a rousingly magnificent  success!


4 thoughts on “the perfect portable pad…

  1. Sheri this is truly the nicest and full of details DIY doll house that I have ever seen! Thanks, not only because you have included it in the linky party, but because I immediately “copy it”! :-))
    Sorry for my english! 😦

    • Wow! Grazie mille Anna! That is an amazing compliment! I’m positive your gorgeous girl will love helping Mama create one for her! =O)

      *never apologize for your English, it is fabulous that you try! + your English is totally fine & completely understandable ;O)

    • Danke Tia! My gal has ‘helped’ to re-organize several pieces already…the lurvly little house is currently only a ‘display model’ located on an unreachable (but see-able) shelf until she’s a wee bit older ;O)
      *I was hoping it would be great take-along-entertainment on holiday car trips this summer but I think it’ll have to wait until next year

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