altered denim…

After seeing all of the funky denim vests appearing lately, the refashionista-fairy whacked me over the head with her magic thimble, inspiration struck, I dove into my stash and created this bit of grooviness:

…have dig through your hoard & create one of your own in minutes:

Snag a dowdy denim jacket

…ugh…pleated, puffed sleeves!

Flip it inside out & chop off those sleeves

…grab some vintage lace

…stitch it around the outside of the sleeve openings

…& add bit of weirdness to the back for fun

…combine the last remaining bit of lace with a safety pin, ribbon, needle & thread


…and create a sweet brooch

…pin it to your lapel & enjoy the compliments that’ll roll in!

…but what to do with the chopped sleeves?

…create some adorable kidlet jeans!


all the tutes!

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