the pint-sized flapper dress

Flapper inspired style is fabulously delightful…& completely adorable on the munchkin!

Here’s how to create your own mini fluttery flapper dress in under 30 minutes…

grab that outgrown tank top onesie & a long-ish length of fabric (I used the chopped bottom ruffle from a shortened mommy-skirt)

slice off the snap-bottom on the onesie

cut a piece of fabric long enough to wrap around the bottom of the onesie, stitch up the raw edges to create the skirt, flip it over the chopped end of the onesie (right sides facing) & sew together

make a few more ‘skirts’ & stitch them around the onesie (overlapping one above the other) to create the fluttery ruffles

once the onesie-body is completely covered add a couple of smaller ruffles to the straps to create some sweet sleeves

that’s it!

too cute – even with sneakers…

…the best for ruffle-y, fluttery running

…and running

…and running…whew!



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