the tremendous treasure tower

I adore my bijou bauble stands but as my jewellery collection continues to grow I was…erm… forced to create an even larger version to house my funky trinkets:

Here’s how to create your own (completely upcycled) fantastic 4 tier treasure tower…

Snag a few wooden plates/bowls & a couple of pepper shakers from the charity shop

take the pepper shakers apart & give ’em a thorough cleaning – these will be your tier separators

*I glued the tops together to create my third separator…

sand it all with a fine grit paper

add a few earring holders (a.k.a: mini eye hooks) to the bottom of the second tier

spray the tiers & separators with contrasting colours

glue it, screw it & stick it all together, paint on some sweet details then protect with a couple of coats of varnish & yer done!

tier 1

tier 2

tier 3

tier 4


all the tutes!

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