the grungy zig zag…

I’ve been wanting to try a bleach pen refashion for ages but as the pen in question has yet to make it to German shores I figured I’d have to (impatiently) wait…but then inspiration whapped my little head once again & I figured out how to create my own for free:

…once I had my fancy diy bleach pen creating a groovy life on the zig zag shirt was a snap!

Here’s how to make your own:

snag a bottle o’ bleach & pinch a light coloured marker from your kidlet (awesome if it’s double-sided with a thick & thin end and even better if it’s already dried out)

take the marker completely apart & soak the sponge-y inside and tips in bleach for a few hours until completely saturated

you’ll know it’s done when the original colour is gone & the interior is white(-ish)

test it out on some scrap fabric…

then grab your victim!

cover a piece of cardboard in plastic wrap

slip it in between the front & back of your shirt to prevent bleach-seepage

and get drawing! – once your masterpiece is complete simply wash as usual

*quick tip: store your awesome diy bleach pen in an airtight bag & use it over & over again! Once the bleach runs out simply take it apart & re-fill it!

fantastic result!

…don’t forget to do the back!


4 thoughts on “the grungy zig zag…

  1. I was thinking of doing a bleach pen project, but didn’t want to go to the store for just the pen! Once again, rescued by a pin, and an awesome tutorial to boot! Now I can start searching for the perfect marker from the kids stash……

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