Beauteous Boho Boots

Make a pair of what-was-I-thinking boots wonderfully wearable with this quick fix diy!

…check out what I created from the leftover boot tops here & here

all the tutes!


2 thoughts on “Beauteous Boho Boots

  1. these are so fun. I have boots that I bought at a vintage store that are almost identical. Actually, I do wear them, but now I’m thinking I may wear them more with an ankle high refashion. Also, I bet this would work just gluing the trim on with strong glue. Some people may not be able to sew through leather. Cheers!

    • Thanks 😉 these are much better (& actually get worn) as ankle booties + were a super easy sew as they are a thin faux suede…I don’t think my poor old retro machine would make it through actual leather and absolutely agree that a strong all-purpose glue would be a fabulously simple alternative to trying to stitch through genuine leather…I think I’ll give it go with my next shoe refashion 🙂

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