gear it up!

Whilst spelunking through yet another inherited box of vintage goodies I discovered these splendiferous bits of sewing machine history:

So much AWESOME!

…any clue as to what creation the little cogs n’ sprockets in my head came up with?

a groovy geared up frame to house those amazing antique needle packages…

and here’s exactly how I (oh-so-easily) did it:

I grabbed a frame, all-purpose glue, a scrap o’ pretty paper & the vintage goodies

just look at those fascinating pieces of history – tiny handmade envelopes containing (still super sharp) antique sewing machine needles, the workers in those factories must have worn thimbles on every finger…ouch!

…then I simply glued my fave pieces to the outside of the frame

…and stuck the needle packs to the purty paper

…once completely dry, I put it all together & hung it up with the rest of my “sewing art”

If you don’t have any random bits of antique sewing machine lying around simply stick a bunch of vintage buttons to your frame & create a funky little salute-to-sewing exhibit

nifty, eh?

all the tutes!


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