Polar Strawberries

Here’s a scrumptiously healthy beat-the-heat-treat idea that I pinched from crochet queen Bekka of Belle Monde Handmade:

delectably delicious frozen strawberries!

Here’s how to make a yummy batch of your own:

Grab some gorgeous strawberries, honey & plain yoghurt

*if you find plain yoghurt a bit too tart simply add a wee bit of vanilla sugar to sweeten it up

remove the strawberry stems, pop one onto a fork & dip it into the yoghurt

place the dipped strawberries on a plastic tray (or plate) & drizzle with honey

freeze for at least 3 hours

once completely frozen, chop each strawberry in half & serve…yumdiferous!

all the tutes!


4 thoughts on “Polar Strawberries

      • The kiddos don’t like pears unfortunately, they do like apples and bananas though, not sure if you can freeze bananas?? Apples might be a bit too hard, I’ll probably boil them first 🙂

      • Bananas freeze up fantastically and make a fabulously ‘ice cream’: simply slice up a few bananas, freeze the pieces overnight then puree the frozen banana slices in a blender or food processor and you have lovely creamy banana ice cream!

        *Chuck some peanut butter, berries or whatever you like into the blender as well for a delicious extra-tasty treat! =O)

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