the dress that wasn’t

Have you ever created something that, although fabulous, you just couldn’t seem to wear?

This funkilicious top began life as a table cloth…then morphed into a dress…until finally transforming into the wearable grooviness above.

Here’s a peek at the how’s and why’s…

I started with one of Oma’s gorgeous 1960’s table cloths & made sure it fit comfortably around my bod’

folded it right-sides-facing and placed it on a flat surface with the fold at the side

snagged a dress that I liked the shape & fit of and put it on top of the folded fabric

traced around the dress, leaving a few centimeters for seam allowance, & pinned the front & back of the fabric together along the lines

chopped out my dress shape

and stitched the sides & shoulders together

checked the fit

chopped the length

zigzagged the interior seams to prevent fraying & used the chopped length to create some sleeves

I gave it a lovely clean hem and had created this:

hmmm…m’kay…cute n’ all but it hung unworn in my closet for nearly a year…I just wasn’t feelin’ it…

A wardrobe clean out last week had me re-discover this little gem, chop the length, hem the raw edge, slip it on & fall deeply in ‘like’ with my fancy new Swingin’ 60’s top!

waddaya think? Have you ever refashioned a refashion of your own?

all the tutes!


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