the terrific tassen teppich…

Tassen Teppich (Mug Rugs in English) are marvelously quick scrap-busting creations that also make adorkable little gifts:

…break out your heap o’ scraps & let’s get makin’!

chop out a few colourful scrappy squares + some leftover denim bits of similar size & shape

pop a denim bit & a scrappy square right sides facing and stitch together leaving one end open for turning

cut off any excess, turn right side out then fold & tuck the raw edged end back inside

top-stitch all the way around the outside edge to give your Teppich a nice clean border & close up that open end

add a wee bit of doodle stitching detail for fun

and your done!

Go make a bunch more…

add your business, website or logo to the back and use them as fabulously unique giveaways…

create a few different sizes in matching fabric & use as a place setting, heat pads or as decorative table mats & trivets

a totally stylin’ way to enjoy a cuppa, don’tcha think?!

all the tutes!


3 thoughts on “the terrific tassen teppich…

  1. I always like things like these that use up scrap pieces. I have tons of scrap fabric laying around and this is a great idea. I know I could use these as much tea and coffee I drink during the day. The best part is….they are WASHABLE!!! Heh heh heh.

    Wie gehts dir? ich hoffe alles geths gut beim Euch!

    • …the ‘washable’ part is indeed the best as I’ve also been known to use them as…erm…quirky napkins for the munchkin – she loves ’em!

      Wir sind super! Ich bin mit 3 sehr aufregenden Projekten sehr beschäftigt! All will be revealed soon ;O)

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