the tea-rific towel top

From boring to…erm…brilliant(?) with a wee bit of imagination & an item from Grandma’s kitchen…

Let’s get started…

Grab a long sleeved shirt & a vintage tea towel with embroidered sides (or just a nifty pattern)

Cut the embroidery into 2 even strips (these will be your sleeve inserts)

Turn the shirt inside out & fold a sleeve sideways (make sure the sleeve & fabric insert are the same length)

Chop straight up from the cuff until just below the shoulder seam (about 2cm)

Lay a fabric insert right side down over the sliced sleeve

Pin at the top, just above the V-cut

Stitch together with a tight zigzag to secure it into place

Flip right side out & stitch the edges of the V-cut sleeve to the insert until the sides of both fabrics evenly match up (8cm in this case)

Turn inside out again & stitch the rest of the sleeve & insert together the repeat the entire process with the other arm

Trim & hem the sleeve cuffs if necessary, flip right side out and then use the remaining tea towel to cute up the neckline

coolness…even with a weird Popeye face

…but even better with my hair out o’ my eyes!

all the tutes!

Be sure to add your fabulous upcycled DIYs to Anna’s 10th Linky Party & be in with a chance to win one of her gorgeous creations! Vote for your favourite project this Sunday (07.07.2013) and good luck!

9°Linky  Party by Riusa & Crea

7 thoughts on “the tea-rific towel top

    • Ach…I’ve been sewing for just over 2 years and actually failed Home Ec (a.k.a: Sewing a.k.a: Boring-arsch Hausfrau Studies) in school…once ya get the hang of all the quirks of your machine you’ll be a refashioning queen! *sweet talk & good luck charms work well with my ancient old stitching work horse =O)

      • That sounds like a good plan. I have my grandmother’s machine downstairs but I find it a bit daunting – it looks like a big, medieval torture device!

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