the skirty tee dress

Raid your stash and get your hair-swooshing-swing-on with this effortlessly adorkable refashion…

Snag a t-shirt & elastic-waist skirt that have seen better days + your fave fabric dye

pop the waistband of the skirt over the bottom of the shirt

flip inside out and zigzag the bottom of the waistband to the hem of the shirt (if necessary, stretch the elastic waist so it matches up with the width of the t-shirt as you stitch)

flip right-side-out

zigzag the top of the waistband to the shirt

*I used thread in the same colour as my fabric dye & as my resulting stitches weren’t exactly straight, gave it a quick ‘doodle’ through the middle…et voila! Intentionally wonky stitches!

…and after a dye job in forest green my lovely new dress was complete!

Perfect with my satin scrap happy bijou necklace!

all the tutes!


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