my lovely lilac lifter…

Not to be a squealer but…my munchkin is a criminal…a thief…a pirate!

The adorable little crook plundered most of the lilacs from the building around the corner (with more than a little help from daddy) …and majestically presented them to yours truly…I am so proud!

To commemorate my little villain’s first crime I decided to create a ‘trespassing-treasure’ using a groovy bit of inspiration from Heidi in Lederhosen:

lovely lilac lifter scent sachets…

Create some from your own lil’ scoundrel’s booty in minutes:

First, hang your blooms upside down and let them dry out for at least 2 weeks

once they are completely moisture free & crunchy, snag some funky scraps & coordinating ribbon

remove the dried buds from the stems & set aside

chop out a small piece of fabric

fold right sides facing & stitch together leaving one end open for filling

chop off any excess fabric & turn right side out

fill with the lovely scented buds

fold the raw edges of the open end inside, pop in a loop of ribbon & stitch closed

top-stitch all the way around the edge if desired

et voila! A lovely kidlet crime commemorating memory sachet!

pop ’em over your hangers or simply in a drawer & enjoy the sweet the scent of thievery!

all the tutes!


2 thoughts on “my lovely lilac lifter…

    • Yup, lilacs are heavenly…only now she thinks every flower she sees is for ‘pinching’…including those displayed outside of our local florist…the hubby has had to purchase more than few little bouquets after the mini-thief has made off with them – luckily the (non-German) shop owner has a fab sense of humour ;O)

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