the more things change…

Whilst flipping through a recent issue of Vogue I felt myself transported back in time…chalk it up to yet another milestone birthday on the horizon but seeing the clothes I was wearing 15+ years ago presented as the hot new thang, really makes one feel…erm…mature

Think I’m exaggerating? Take at peek at the evidence:

(& have a giggle at the young-me’s oh-so-ultra-coolness)

exhibit A: The Denim Vest

*a funky ‘new’ style I’d even re-created myself with my Altered Denim project

exhibit B: Sheer Elegance

exhibit C: Sassy Skirt Suits

exhibit D: The Sultry Sheath

exhibit E: Menswear for Gals

exhibit F: Marvelous Mesh-Wear

exhibit G: Rock Chick Bustiers & Leather

and my personal favourite…exhibit H: Lingerie as Outerwear

Have a flip through your own taken-before-the-invention-of-digital photos & marvel at the 15 – 20 year trend cycle…what were (or are if you’re still a young whippersnapper) your fave trends to recently re-emerge?


12 thoughts on “the more things change…

    • Thanks Chonie =O) Yup, being around before the rise of digital photography means I remember what it was like to buy film, wait excitedly for photos to be developed, have photo albums full of ‘real’ pictures and boxes of film negatives…I suppose you could say I’m “Vintage”…but not yet an “antique” =O)

      • I love the word ‘vintage’ and of course you are not an ‘antique’. Oh I loovee seeing the ‘real’ pictures. I still need to hold something in my hand and open their pages one by one. That is a priceless treasures.

  1. Awesomely fun post! Were you a professional model? Love the pics!
    Whenever I look at pictures of myself from high school, I hope to God none of the styles repeat themselves! Ghastly! lol 😉

    • Once upon a time I did indeed get paid to play dress-up & be gorgeously transformed everyday (really a lot less glamorous than it sounds)…

      Pics of yourself from high school…and the styles haven’t come back yet? Oh you lovely young thang…the trends you were sporting in school will be making a reappearance eventually…just wait until your adorable daughter starts wearing the styles you recognize from your youth & calling them ‘retro’ & ‘vintage’…eek!

      *There’s a store here called “1980’s” that all the young ‘uns are wild about…it specializes in new ‘vintage-looks’…humph!

    • Yup…it’s me…I’ve had a rather ‘interesting’ life ;O) …& had short hair that changed colour every week for years!

      *Nei miei giorni giovani fui un modello/attore/cantante e perfino feci alcuni si alzano la commedia =O)

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