Sparkling Silver

Your kitchen holds the key to bright & shiny silver…

Check out my next webisode for the lickety split solution for your dull, tarnished sterling:

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all the tutes!


2 thoughts on “Sparkling Silver

  1. The wonders of backing soda are great…your kitchen looks so cute and organized have you done a house tour on your blog? I would love to see your house! So sad about your leg…hope you are feeling better? I see that it hasn’t stopped you from crafting you are such an inspiration!

    • Thank you so much Darlene! Your fabulous comment has completely made my day!

      – I do plan on eventually doing a virtual tour of my “klein aber fein” (small but nice) house…I’ve just got a few more home-improving-projects to complete before I unveil my little corner of Berlin to the world ;O)

      – My leg is slowly but surely on the mend…I absolutely haven’t let it stop me from creating, although I’ve had to train my left foot to work the sewing machine pedal ;O)

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