Fortunately…I scored a fabulous handmade vintage top for €1

Unfortunately…it had a few stubborn stains.

Fortunately…my groovy fabric dye order arrived to save the day.

Unfortunately…the top that I had oh-so-wrongly-assumed to be linen turned out to be wool.

Fortunately…my munchkin will eventually grow into this absolutely rockin’ top…

all the tutes!

(Fortunately, Unfortunately is a hilarious game to play with young & old alike, give it a whirl during your next road trip & the time shall fly by!)


4 thoughts on “fortunately…unfortunately

  1. Having a blast looking through your blog!!! Here’s a tip from a lesson learned…..1/2 cup of hair conditioner in about 2-3 inches of water in the bathtub, lay garment in water, when it is saturated, gently stretch and reshape(in the water!), wash in cold water, stretch again while wet, lay flat to dry. It may not go all the way back to original size, but it helps immensely! I did this for a 100% wool hunting jacket of my husbands. Worked like a charm!

    • Why thank-you kindly Mandy, I’m glad you’re enjoying my little corner of blogland 😉 I will definitely be giving your fabulous tip a try in the immediate future…if I can stretch the shirt back into even a semi-wearable size then I’ll surely be able to refashion it into something I can actually fit into comfortably again…thanks so much for the heads up!

    • It was definitely a d’oh! forehead-smacking moment when I pulled the top out of the washer…I have now learned my lesson: unless I am absotively sure of the fabric content on a tagless garment I shall not be dyeing it…embroidery to cover the stains would have been just as cute & mommy’s new shirt would not now be munchkin sized =O)

      *Thanks for the groovy shout-out! ;O)

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