Farewell to Summer Shorts

Autumn is slowly but surely making its way to Berlin but as I’m not quite ready to bid adieu to summer…

I’m attempting to convince the sun to stick around a wee bit longer with a pair of charming lace cuffed cutoffs…create a pair of your own in 20 minutes:

Snag a pair of straight leg jeans that fit comfortably

Chop off the legs a few centimeters longer than your desired final length

Fold the legs up once

Stitch in place

Fold the legs up again

Stitch all the way around the top of the fancy new cuff

and then all the way around the bottom to keep it nice & crisp

et voila! Cuffs that never need ironing! You could leave ’em as is or…

Stitch a length of vintage lace all around center of each cuff for some super fanciness!

Super fancy eh?

Smashing with my vintage €1 handmade hippie top & beauteous boho boots

all the tutes!


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