a holler for help…

I’m desperate for a pair of these Arielle De Pinto/LVMM crocheted clogs…

Arielle De Pinto Crochet Sock Platform Sandals

…but the price tag is almost as much as my rent…gulp!

I have a few rockin’ refashionista ideas to create a version of my own (& already have the perfect shoe-bottoms waiting patiently in my stash) but as I’m completely crochet-challenged & haven’t a clue how to even begin knitting thick elastic thread into the loveliness pictured above, I’m at a bit of a loss as to what I can use for the fancy crocheted tops…doilies? a pair of pre-made crocheted slippers? Unfortunately, I don’t think either would last very long…

What do you think would be sturdy & tough enough to actually use to (re)create a pair of these fabulous shoes?



6 thoughts on “a holler for help…

  1. You could make a dummy bottom and start to crochet from the bottom up and then use a strong glue to glue them to the clog part…good luck..I think they are classy enough without a flower..

    Rosalyn Harwood

    • Thanks for the ideas Rosalyn…the problem is…I can’t crochet at all =O( I am soooo jealous of those who can grab a pair of needles & whip up something gorgeous in a flash. Sadly all of my crochet attempts have failed miserably…sigh ;O)

  2. I really need to learn how to crochet too. There’s so much you can do with it. I don’t think doilies would work because, like you said, it needs to be elastic. I have no idea, sorry!

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