Batty no more!

See that fabulously embroidered rusty orange shirt up there?

It began life as a boringly beastly black batwing top…

here’s how I transformed it…

Ugh…shirred waist…annoying flappy sleeves…and nearly invisible embroidery

I really wanted to take that embroidery out of the shadows so I gave the shirt a 30 minute bath in bleach…

once laundered, I flipped it inside out & removed the shirring at the waist & the side seams…

then stitched the front & back together again to create a new side seam & sleeve (+ salvage some more of that lovely embroidery that was previously hidden by the annoying batwing sleeves)

then folded the shirt in half & used the first finished seams as a template for the other side

once the new side seams were created & all of the excess fabric chopped off I zigzagged the interior seams for extra strength & my groovy new top was nearly complete…

a second bath in ‘rusty orange’ dye finished it off! Check out that (now visible) fab embroidery!

An awesome success!

all the tutes!

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6 thoughts on “Batty no more!

  1. Wow, you couldn’t even notice the embroidery in the first! Absolutely gorgeous! And geez, that must’ve been a pain to rip out all the shirring! I would’ve been worried that the scrunching would’ve been visible forever afterwards, but it looks perfect. Before reading all the way through I was scrutinizing the top picture, trying to figure out where the seam was where you sewed the parts together after having cut out the shirring. Smart, smart Sheri! 🙂 Lisa

    • Thanks chickaboo! The shirring wasn’t too much of a pain actually…once I had both ends of the elastic thread free I just had to (oh-so-carefully) pull it through the fabric, then it was a snap to pull out the remaining loose threads that had held it in place 😉

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