The 4 to 40 Top

Here’s how I re-created my adorable 4th birthday top to wear in the groovy re-created 4(0)th birthday photo:

onto the easy how-to…

I snagged a lovely pink t-shirt, half of the sleeves from a long sleeve T, fab vintage buttons & a scrap of white bedsheet

I grabbed a plate of the same-ish size as the t-shirt neckline

centered the plate on large piece of paper & roughly sketched out the shape of the collar

chopped it out, double folded my sheet scrap & cut out my soon-to-be collar

et voila…4 lovely collar pieces

I stitched each of the 2 pieces together, right sides facing, leaving a small opening for turning

Once flipped right side out I gave them a nice firm press with the iron

then top-stitched all the way around each piece

pinned them around the neckline of the t-shirt

and stitched them on…collar done!

Onto the fancy schmancy sleeve cuffs…I simply popped the chopped long sleeves over the t-shirt sleeves right sides facing and stitched them together

& zigzagged over the outside seam for extra strength

then hand stitched the buttons to the front…

and my re-created top was complete! …or was it?

Didja notice the “S” pin on little Sheri’s lapel?

To really complete the photo re-creation I had to have that pin (or something like it)…

I snagged some leftover craft wire & wrapped, bent, folded & twisted it around a safety pin until I had my erm…fabulous re-created “S” pin!

…a couple of pigtails added to my hair & my return to 4-year-old me was complete!

all the tutes!


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