a scandalous snip

What do ya do when your girlie decides to give herself a trim?

Ya fix the worst of the damage & create some adorable camouflage to conceal the rest…

here’s how to make your own self-inflicted-bald-spot concealer in under 5 minutes:

Grab a small alligator hair clip, a large faux bloom & your glue gun

(regular glue is fine if you have time to wait for it to dry)

remove the bloom-back from the flower & trim off any excess plastic

stick the flower to the top of the clip & the bloom-back around the inside teeth of the clip

switch out the tacky flower center for a sweet ribbon rose (if desired)

carefully arrange your munchkin comb-over & clip in place with the fancy floral camouflage…

 & have loads of  fun trying to keep your kiddo from pulling it out!

all the tutes!


13 thoughts on “a scandalous snip

  1. I had that same problem….my daughter decided to give my son a haircut while he was taking a nap. She stole the kitchen scissors to do it! Although it is a bit easier to fix a cut like that for a boy, I still wasn’t pleased that I had to do it. Kids, whaddaya gonna do?

  2. A little over a year ago when my daughter was about 5 years old she had this really long straight blonde hair. She decided that she wanted to pull up a big chunk on the crown of her head and chop it off.
    So, I gave her a pixie cut. It is just now chin length. Seeing your tutorial, I kind of wish I would have just made her a cute hair clip and covered it up. But then I look at her hair and I’m glad I went the route I went, because she has not since put scissors anywhere near her head. I think she learned her lesson.

  3. Lol! Future career for lil Miss? Said the lady who is also not *ahem* immune to “accidents” involving her hair and scissors — even at the advanced age of 38 and who should know better. She has a rockin lil bob style going on there. But you did a great job covering up her styling mishap. 🙂 Super cute!

    • …the haircut was the funny part, the rickety tower of boxes & small furniture she built to reach the scissors was not! …how in the heck can such a tiny person build such a feat of engineering in the 2 minutes it takes to rush to the bathroom & back?? mommy-heart-attacks are now happening daily! 🙂

  4. Heeheehee… good cover-up! My sister cut off her bangs at the roots a few weeks before she was the flower girl in my aunt’s wedding– my mom gave her a pretty elaborate combover to try to hide the weird little spikes! This is a much more elegant solution. 🙂

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