leftover loveliness

The last remaining bits from my doily + knit top combined with a plain sweater & part one of my delightful doily series created a just-the-right-amount-of-fancy-for-everyday-wear top.


11 thoughts on “leftover loveliness

      • I hadn’t realised you were in Berlin! I lived there years ago and miss it something rotten! 😔 Singapore is looking a little stormy this evening too – hope you don’t get rained on!

      • Aha! So you & I are both ‘citizens of the world’…I’m Canadian but have spent most of my adult life living in other countries: Japan – 6.5yrs, England – 3yrs, Greece – 4.5yrs & finally Germany – 5 yrs so far 😉

      • Definitely world citizens! I’ve always wanted to go to Canada! It sounds like such a beautiful laidback country… I’m English, but I lived in Japan for two years, Berlin for a year, France for a bit of my childhood, and then all over Turkey and Central Asia for work! Oh! And Singapore for 5 months so far! I really loved Berlin, but I think it’s changed a lot since I was there so I must go back! You’ve certainly travelled more than me, I think! Were you in Tokyo? And Greece! How lucky we are! 😄

      • Yup, we are lucky to live in age where world-travel is so simple & accessible. I lived in Tokyo, Futakotamagawa to be specific 😉 Here’s a tiny peek at what I did there…

        *Of all the places I have lived I’d have to say Tokyo is my favourite as far as friendliness & acceptance of foreigners, followed by London, then Kerkyra (Greece), which unfortunately leaves the Berliners sorely lacking in smiley faces. 😦

      • Ha ha! I love the photos! You were/are so cool! I wish I could learn to strike poses as awesome as you! I particularly love the waistcoat combination – I think I had an obsession with them (and braces! Oh! I love my braces so much!) when I was a child so maybe that’s why…!

        Interesting that you found Tokyo so friendly because we both found it very hard there! I had an easier time than my husband (who actually got asked to leave places for looking too foreign), but that may be because I smile continuously! I found Osaka a lot friendlier and cosmopolitan, but it may just be because people are so very work-focused in Tokyo. We arrived in Japan just after the tsunami (as in, a week after) and as Shinzo Abe’s party (and the very scary nationalists) were starting to come to power, so possibly things were harder then? I do really miss Japan though – it’s such a beautiful country and very friendly in the countryside! We lived in Shinjuku and I loved wandering around there late at night… And seasons! God! I miss the seasons! I found Berlin very very friendly by contrast, but that was almost ten years ago, so much may have changed… I used to go to an optician in Futakotamagawa! How strange! It’s a lovely area!

  1. I just found your blog from Refashionista… your sleeve video was so well done and made me smile the whole way through! Cant wait to start following… and trawling through past posts!

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