The Boot Top Bag

Remember my beauteous boho boots?

Check out what I created from the chopped off boot tops:

A fabulous beatnik bag!

Here’s what I did:

I snagged the chopped boot tops & a coordinating necktie (Grazie Anna!)

sliced off that rather annoying fringe

placed one on top of the other & trimmed off the uneven edges

grabbed one boot top & centered the necktie around the edges right sides facing

and stitched it on

twisting the tie around the edges for perfect corners

 then zigzagged the edges for extra strength

and repeated the process with the remaining boot top on the other side of the tie

then flipped the bag right side out & stitched the ends of the tie together to complete the fancy new strap

and added a quick button closure to finish off my groovy new bag!

Lurv it!

click here to find out what I did with the chopped fringe…

all the tutes!


13 thoughts on “The Boot Top Bag

  1. Whoa, that is seriously awesome. I even have a pair of boots to toss because the heel caved in. I’d been thinking of making a belt from them, but I just might change my mind now! 🙂 Lisa

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