fluorescent fringe

I paired the last remaining bits from my boho boots & boot top bag with an 80’s comeback to create a fabulous fluorescently fringe-y cowgirl-chic….sweatshirt:

Here’s how-to make your own in minutes:

Grab an over-sized neon sweatshirt & some funktatsic fringe

turn it inside out & chop out the sleeve seam from above the cuff to just below the underarm

cut the fringe to size (if necessary) & pop it into the sliced sleeve fringe-facing-in & raw edges lined up

stitch together & repeat with the other sleeve

pop it on with some comfy leggings & a pair o’ rockin’ cowboy boots & go show off your fringetastically retro new sweatshirt!

Let’s review:

…from these €2 boots I created

a pair of awesome ankle boots      a beauteous beatnik bag      a fabtastically fringed sweatshirt

= why I love being a Refashionista!

all the tutes!


4 thoughts on “fluorescent fringe

  1. You have a good photographer…your photos always look great, hilarious but great. You never cease to amaze me with your refashions! Thanks for the great inspirations!

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