feeling owly

I’ve gotten a wee bit addicted to sock-sleeves and t-skirts

…but can you blame me? They’re just so darn cool, comfortable & simple to create I can’t help myself!

*Full disclosure: this outfit is a smidge too big for me as it shall be traveling abroad to hug the gorgeous curves of its new owner …yep, I’ve already begun creating Christmas gifts…trying to beat that international postage rush gets earlier every year!

As the rockin’ recipient of this stripey ensemble really gives a hoot about what happens in the world I embroidered a free-hand owl to give it an extra special personalized touch…

and of course, used the chopped shirt sleeves to extend a pair of munchkin shorts making ’em wearable for a few more months until autumn chill makes way for the winter freeze.

all the tutes!


6 thoughts on “feeling owly

  1. Sheri you are so creative…love reading your blog 🙂 and wish I could sew like you hehe maybe one day when I am not so busy with work and teenagers (one in graduation year).

    *hugs from Canada* Tina, Jared and kids 😀

    • Thanks 😉 I’ve actually only been sewing for about 3 years (& blogging about it for 2)…I got started teaching myself the basics when my hubby’s Great Aunt gave me her ancient sewing machine, proving it’s never too late to start…all it takes is a wee bit o’ creativity & desire 🙂

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