the manly makeover

As DIYs for guys are few & far between I’ve been mining the depths of my little Refashionista brain to come up with a masculine re-do (not involving t-shirts) that my dude would actually wear out n’ about without being bribed…

Success! A Freaking Awesome new jacket that requires zero blackmail to be worn!

Here’s how to create your own partner-pleasing-coat in about an hour…

Steal a casual Autumn blazer & an old sweater from your dude’s wardrobe

*the above blazer was an impulsive-man-purchase that once home was suddenly too short in the arms & a colour he didn’t like…instead of being returned the poor fellow sat in the closet, unworn with the tags still on for 3 years! A bath in forest green dye took care of the colour & now onto the how-to…

chop the sleeves off of the blazer

slice the arms off of the sweater

pop the sweater sleeves into the blazer arm holes right sides facing with underarm seams & raw edges lined up

stitch together

flip right side out & zig zag over the outside seams for extra strength

I wanted to give the jacket a wee bit more pizzazz so I grabbed a vintage necktie that coordinated well with the coat colours…

and added a groovy detail above each pocket flap

Fabulous…with just the right amount of funky!

Cool…Cozy…and best of all? The dude lurvs it!

…and what about the rest of that sweater?

…after taking in the sides & adding some chopped sleeves of my own I now have one of this season’s “must haves”: a super comfy over-sized sweater!

all the tutes!


11 thoughts on “the manly makeover

    • Danke meine Liebe! 😉 You could make a lighter version using a funky cotton button down shirt (or even a light weight flannel) combined with the chopped arms from a long-sleeved-T…hmmmm…I think I just came up with my next dude-project 😉

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