backwards is beautiful…?

I am so diggin’ my rad reversed cardi…

Wanna make one for yourself?

Then let’s get goin’…

Snag a loose fitting cardigan, oval doily and, of course, a pair of coordinating knee socks

*as I’m a confirmed knee-socks-as-sleeves addict & have written of their marvelousness numerous times I shall forego a lengthy step-by-step & simply leave this handy how-to collage for those who may be new to the fabulous socks-as-sleeves technique…

love love love ’em!

Once your sleeves have been fancied-up center the doily on the back of the cardigan just under the neckline & pin in place

Stitch it on

Chop out the cardi fabric behind the center of the doily (if desired)

Zig zag around the edge to prevent fraying & yer done!

pop your cardi on backwards & enjoy your kewl new top!

hmmm…but what to do with the chopped cardi sleeves…?

Pinch an idea from Pillows a la Mode and stitch up the raw end then hand sew a loose running stitch around the top & tie a couple of beads to the thread ends to create…

a pair of fancy schmancy gift bags!

all the tutes!


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